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MitzaSQL is a free Python3 TUI MySQL client for Linux which aims to provide an easy-to-use console alternative to GUI clients. It is not meant to be a full-fledged GUI client, it only provides a read-only view of the database, though you can manipulate the data by using raw SQL queries. Some of the main features are:

  • Manage multiple sessions
  • View databases
  • View list of tables, sql views & stored procedures in a database
  • View rows in a table or sql view:
  • Easily sort table data
  • Filter table data using VIM-like commands (:like, :gt, :lt, :in…)
  • SQL Query editor with syntax highlighting, smart autocomplete and clipboard support (optional dependency needs to be installed)
  • VIM style keyboard shortcuts
  • VIM style commands with autocomplete support
  • Macros support

MitzaSQL is heavily inspired by HeidiSQL and its licensed under MIT. The lexer’s tokens implementation used by the auto complete system was taken from the python-sqlparse project.

Demo and screenshots are available here.

Project goals

  • Minimal dependencies
  • Ease of use
  • No mouse support

Serving suggestion

Best served with tmux and vim.

Windows & MacOS ports

To run MitzaSQL on Windows/MacOS build a Docker image and run it inside a container. Use the project’s Dockerfile as a starting point. An official Docker image is coming soon.

Planned features

  • Support SSL connections
  • Official Docker image

Known issues

See the github project page, section Performance and known issues.


See the github project page, section Security.


Please report any bugs here:


Vlad Balmos